In Universitas Bandar Lampung Graduate Program, there are 4 Master Study Programs (S-2), and all of program have been accredited by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board-University). The four study programs are :
  1.  Master of Management (Accreditation A)
  2. Master of Law (Accreditation B)
  3. Master of Engineering (Accreditation B)
  4. Master of Administration (Accreditation B)

Universitas Bandar Lampung Graduate Program is located at Campus B (Dra. Hj. Sri Hayati Barusman Campus) UBL at Jl. Zainal Abidin Pagar Alam No. 89 Labuhan Ratu, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

All candidate need to scan all requirements :

  1. Copy of Certificate of Undergraduate Program (S-1)
  2. Official Transcript of Academic
  3. Photo (size 4 x 6)
  4. Official ID (National ID, Passport or Driver License)

After all requirements are complete, upload all files using the link:  ublapps.ubl.ac.id/pmb

The total cost of Universitas Bandar Lampung Graduate Program as of Sep 2021 is around IDR 35 million. For more information, please contact the Admission Officer using Cellphone or WA :

  1. 08117216323 (Ms. Dessy)
  2. 082179106699 (Ms. Nadya)

In addition to tuition fees, there are additional costs for student needs such as:

  1. Almamater jacket
  2. Field trip
  3. Guidance, colocium, seminars and thesis examination
  4. Graduation

The method of paying tuition fees is by using the VA (Virtual Account). It will be informed through the financial department to each student. Payment cannot be made in cash. It can be paid full or in installments in accordance with applicable regulations. This information will be communicated through the finance department.

The schedules are held every Friday and Saturday with the following schedule:
  1. Friday (06.30 PM-11.30 PM)
  2. Saturday Session I (08.00 AM-13.00 PM) and Session II (13.00 PM-18.00 PM)

No. If there are replacing class, it will be informed by the academic section.

The length of study to completed the program is from 18 to 20 months (including graduation)

The learning method for graduate programs at Bandar Lampung University is carried out using 3 methods:
  1. Online (Fully online)
  2. Offline (In person)
  3. Hybrid (online and offline)

Master of Management:

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Accounting Management
  4. Education Management
  5. Management Information System
  6. Public Health Management
  7. Nursing Management
  8. Agribusiness Management

Master of Law:

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Business Law

Master of Engineering

  1. Structure Water Resources
  2. Transportation
  3. Regions and Cities

Master of Administrative Sciences:

  1. Public Administration
  2. Business Administration

The title that will be get by students after graduation:

  1. Master of Management : M.M
  2. Master of Law : M.H
  3. Master of Engineering : M.T
  4. Master of Administrative Sciences : M.Si

There are several scholarships for students at Graduate Programs:

  1. UBL Freshgraduate Scholarship
  2. Non-UBL Freshgraduate Scholarships
  3. UBL Alumni Scholarship
  4. Indonesian Goverment Employee/Army Scholarships
  5. Scholarships for Indonesian Police Department

There are special scholarships for City, Regional and Provincial Indonesian Government employees. For more info, please contact the admission office using:

  1. 08117216323 (Ms. Dessy)
  2. 082179106699 (Ms. Nadya)

To apply for Graduate Programs at Universitas Bandar Lampung by filling out the form (Online Registration) via the link Ublapps.ubl.ac.id/pmb. For more info please call or WA: 0811-7216-323 (Ms Dessy) / 0821-7910-6699 (Ms Nadya)