Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, Peace be upon us all, Shalom, Om Swastyastu, Namo Buddhaya, and Regards of Benevolence

How are you fellow Alumni of the University of Bandar Lampung (UBL) Postgraduate Program. We, the UBL PPs Tracer Study team, ask for the help of fellow alumni to take 2 minutes to fill out the UBL PPs Tracer Study.

Tracer Study or what is called tracking study is a graduate tracing related to higher education competence information in the professional world of work. The Tracer Study assesses the relevance of higher education, information on stakeholder needs, and completeness of requirements for higher education accreditation.

Tracer Study aims to determine educational outcomes in the form of transition from higher education to the world of work, educational outputs, namely self-assessment of mastery and acquisition of competence, educational process in the form of evaluation of the learning process and contribution of higher education to competency acquisition, and educational input in the form of further exploration. to the sociobiographical information of graduates. The Tracer Study is not only used for accreditation purposes, but also used by the Ministry of Education and Culture as a monitoring tool for adaptation of university graduates in Indonesia when entering the workforce.

The results of this questionnaire will become very valuable data for the Master Study Program within the PPs UBL environment in the context of submitting the Re-accreditation of the study program. With excellent accreditation, of course, it will be very beneficial for Alumni and PPs UBL students at large, through the results of this questionnaire, PPs UBL will also make improvements both in terms of academics and non-academics for the satisfaction and comfort of students and alumni.

Thank you very much for your willingness to take the time to fill out the Tracer Study questionnaire.
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